Hand Block Printing

  • Hand Block is a generation-old technique by which a skilled artisan uses carefully carved wooden blocks to print exquisite patterns on fabric.
  • Block printing is an art requiring steady movement and careful hand-eye coordination.
  • There are imperfections due to involvement of human hands which enhances the beauty of this craft.
  • Due to the handicraft nature, no 2 articles are 100% alike, hence you always get a unique product.

Hand Block Printing Process

Hand-Block technique involves a lot of steps, but here are some major steps to help you understand this art:

  1. A skilled artisan uses natural and abstract inspirations to carve a Wooden Block.
  2. The carved Wooden Block is then covered by color dyes.
  3. Artisan uses his hands to stamp the color covered block on the fabric.
  4. The fabric is then stitched to make various products.