About us

Shasak! What does it mean?

Well simply put, it is a Sanskrit word meaning ruler but then who is a Shasak for us?

Our Shasak is someone who is a ruler of his life. Someone who doesn’t let others or society govern him, someone who is not afraid to stand out on his own and express himself.

Society’s old-school definition of a man has become toxic and problematic. So many men are still afraid of taking care of themselves because they will be ridiculed as "mEn DoNt WoRrY AbOut tHeiR aPpeaRAncE" and "iTnA sA tOh ApNe aAp tHeEk hO jaAyEgA."

No, that is not the case. Modern Men take care of themselves, they don’t simply ignore minor issues and they are not afraid of expressing themselves.

We at Shasak want men to be more expressive. They should say how they feel more often and should be comfortable wearing apparel and accessories that express who they are instead of just solid Black, Blues and Whites with no accessories. 

Shasak men are vocal and they are not afraid to show their emotions. They are not afraid to show their style and dash.

Shasak man is the ruler of his life and does not let old school notions and beliefs stray him from his personal journey.


The Story of Shasak: What clothing options do men have?

T-Shirts and formal Shirts? It is what drove Kanak mad, he wanted to stand out and he wanted his attire to speak for him. This simple frustration-driven question made Bhuwan look for a solution. This led them on the journey that now brings Shasak to you.

There were very few options for men that allowed them to be expressive, allowed them to show their style and stand out.

First, they found the "SHORT KURTA" and figured that it was not only a good option to have in their wardrobes but a very good representation of India's culture and heritage. The fact that along with having an ethnic touch, it is completely stylish and trendy made it an absolute must for men's wardrobes.

Then, they felt the prints and motifs also worked well on shirts and gave them a cool casual look. Slowly and gradually, they hope to find more wardrobe options for men from all over the world and provide them to their customers. They aspire to become a brand that enables men to be more expressive and vocal about who they are and what’s important to them.

Shasak short kurta for men along with all the packaging material.

Who you are supporting by purchasing from us.

Well, indirectly, you are supporting the local artisans of Rajasthan. Directly, you are supporting Bhuwan and Kanak.

You have those friends with whom you have those endless late night conversations and rants with right? One such late night rant is what ended up giving the idea from which Shasak was born.

They are two childhood friends that always aspired to have a business of their own and work together. Kanak completed his MBA and immediately started thinking about starting something of his own. Bhuwan, on the other hand, was working as a merchandiser for an Import-Export firm but he was also looking to build something for himself.

They always talked about starting a business ever since they were kids. Now was the time to do it.