Model wearing The Yellow Bagru Print Short Kurta For Men

Why wear a short kurta? Or, as some people say, a shirt styled kurta.

“What else can I wear, other than a shirt or a T-shirt?”. This interesting question led us on the journey that now brings Shasak to you. 

It’s a simple question, yet, a frustrating one. Men don’t have a lot of options in their wardrobes when they are going for a casual outing. Even in the options that men have, most just prefer the regular Black, Blues and Whites. 

We wanted something different and cool, something that made us stand out in a crowd. We started out looking for different clothing options for men that could add a different vibe to our wardrobes and provide the same to men everywhere. 

We came across the Short Kurta that seemed like a perfect alternative for regular wear shirts and tshirts. It is a perfect bridge between a tshirt and a shirt as it gives the classy and clean look of a shirt while feeling just as comfortable as a tshirt. 

We then went and did our homework and realised that there was a lot of demand for the “Shirt style kurta” and not a lot of classy options for young men like us. 

Then we decided to mix the famous Jaipur prints of Rajasthan to these kurtas and give them the perfect cool, cultural and classy feel. 

These printed short kurtas are perfect for your casual outings as they will make you look cool and fashion savvy. You can wear the cool funky prints to any cafe, restaurant or bar with your friends and you can wear the more traditional prints to any family gathering like wedding functions, family lunches, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj, Diwali, etc. 

The best thing about the short kurta for me, is that it is the best option whenever you are confused whether you should wear a more casual attire or a more formal attire. It’s the perfect bridge between casual and formal.

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