The Problem With Men In Regard To Fashion And Self Care.

The Problem With Men In Regard To Fashion And Self Care.

Masculinity is fragile, yes, even today. Most men (Especially Indian men) are ridiculed from a young age if they care about their appearance or self care. This trend has changed in most metro cities and Gen-Z but it is still prevalent in almost every other city and demographic.

Most men decide they want to dress better than the regular graphic T-shirts and skinny jeans and end up looking either too dressed up or simply tasteless. Hair and skin-care does not even cross their minds.

Most men find simple and safe solutions to their problems like wearing solid shirts and tshirts with basic trousers or jeans and stick to it like their lives depend on it. Men need to pushed very hard to step out of their comfort (safe) zone and try new things out.

We need to make more men feel comfortable in expressing themselves through their clothing and styling. Style themselves in a way that expresses who they are and what they aspire to be. Men don't even speak about the things they're struggling with so expecting them to be expressive through other things is plain moronic, but we that's what needs to change. Men need to step out and be who they want to be! 

Four Friends wearing Short Kurta for Men and having a good time.
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